Half way to Rodrigues

A bit bumpy today and the predicted gale arrived quite accurately on time.
We were a bit overpowered during the night, and just after break of dawn we dropped the mainsail and eased the genoa furling somewhat. This gave much better balance for the windwane, which has been steering pretty accurate all day. Before dark we are sailing with about 1/3 of the genoa. This gives more pleasant sailing, although the speed could have been a bit better. Tomorrow morning we should be around half way to Rodrigues.
It has not been possible to sit out in the cockpit today due to rain and spray. we have been reading and relaxing almost all day.

For lunch today we had crepes and fried bacon, but for supper only a few biscuits….
Our position at sunset (13.20 UTC) 16.28 S / 81.32 E Distance to go 1050nm.

Wind gusting 28-30kts, but quite stable at 23kts. Boat speed around 6.4kts. waves 3-4m

all well aboard. 

Kind regards
Team Lovinda

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